Biology Degree Learning Outcomes (DLOs) for BA/BS in Biology

   DLO 1:Provide examples of the relation between form and function in biology

   DLO 2:Compare and contrast the major cellular processes in eukaryotes and prokaryotes

   DLO 3:Explain how genetic information is stored and transmitted

   DLO 4:Compare and contrast the primary mechanisms of evolutionary diversification

   DLO 5:Categorize the diversity of life in terms of the phylogenetic relationships among the major organismal groups

   DLO 6:Describe ecological interactions and their consequences

   DLO 7:Quantitatively answer biological questions

   DLO 8:Conduct and interpret experiments using common lab and field techniques

   DLO 9:Effectively and concisely present scientific ideas and the results of scientific research in written and oral form

   DLO 10:Critique and summarize scientific papers



Microbiology Degree Learning Outcomes (DLOs) for BA/BS in Microbiology


In addition to the DLOs listed above, the following DLOs apply to the Microbiology major:

   DLO 11:Understand principles of microbiology

Microbiology Degree Curriclulum Map Downloads

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