Research Facilities

The laboratories of the Departments of Biology and Chemistry are fully equipped for modern research in cell and molecular biology and biochemistry. Major items include peptide and oligonucleotide synthesizers and sequencers, amino acid analyzers, a number of electron microscopes, image processing facilities, FT and CW superconducting NMR spectrometers, mass spectrometers, stopped-flow spectrometers, unit mass and high resolution GC/MS, spectro-fluorometers, high pressure analytical and separation instrumental workstations, PCR reactors, laser laboratories with a versatile array of lasers and accompanying equipment, controlled-temperature and animal rooms, research support shops, radiobiochemical hot labs and multi-user DEC VAX computers for DNA/protein structure/sequence analysis. SDSU is a member of the regional CRAY Supercomputer Consortium and is the supercomputer gateway to the California State University (CSU) System.