Travel Information for CMB Ph.D. Students

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If you need assistance preparing the forms or have questions, contact the GPA at (619) 594-2980 or via email. Please refer to the complete manual on SDSU travel policies and procedures for more detailed information. Current travel forms may be obtained from http://


Before you travel


If you are traveling off campus for work related reasons, you MUST complete a travel form (T-2) and submit it to the GPA in LS 104D for approval 30 days before traveling. You must complete a T-2 form even if you are not requesting reimbursement. This rule applies to all employees of SDSU, including TA's and GA's.


You can also use a T2 to request an advance or a direct payment. An advance may not exceed 80% of estimated out of pocket expenses. Provide documentation of any expenses you have already incurred (conference registration, airline ticket) including a copy of your credit card showing the payments made (please redact all personal information on your statement).


If you would like to have your airfare billed directly to SDSU, you may request prior authorization to book your flight through designated travel agencies (including STA Travel on College Avenue ). When you bring your completed T2 to the Biology office we will obtained an authorization from the Travel Office and will notify you when you may contact the travel agency to reserve your flight.


Travel Expense Claim


When you return from your trip, you must submit a Travel Expense Claim (Std 262) to the GPA within 30 days. The form must be accurately completed and thoroughly supported by appropriate documentation to ensure reimbursement.


While traveling, be sure to keep your receipts. If you are traveling by common carrier (airline, train, bus, etc.) you must keep your boarding pass stub for proof of travel. You should also retain evidence that you attended the function you are traveling for (agenda or conference program).


Under certain circumstances, the cost of meals may be a reimbursable expense. The Domestic Maximum Daily Meal Allowance is $55.00 and $7.00 per 24 hours is allowed for incidentals. Reimbursement is for actual costs. There is no "per meal" breakdown.


International Travel

It is especially important to submit your T2 for international travel to the Biology Department at least 30 days in advance, as it requires additional signatures that must be obtained before your trip will be approved.


International travel to areas on the State Departments Travel Warning list requires additional scrutiny and signatures so plan ahead!


Foreign travel insurance is available at no cost for faculty and staff. Complete the Foreign Travel Insurance Form and submit it with your T2.


For meal reimbursement during international travel, refer to the published Federal Government Meal Per Diem for your specific location.


Driving on state business


A valid California drivers license, a Defensive Driving Certificate and proof of insurance are required of all SDSU employees who will be operating University vehicles, rental cars, or their own vehicle on University business. Classes for the Defensive Driving Certificate are offered online. Public Safetys website for Defensive Driving requirements and forms is located at


You must complete a Waiver and an Authorization for Release of Driver Record Information.


You must take the online Defensive Driving Course


If you are driving a personal car for state business, you must submit an Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business to the Biology Department Coordinator in NLS 104B. This form must be renewed annually and is kept in the Biology office.


Please note the cost of gas for a private vehicle is not reimbursable. Instead, you will be reimbursed for the miles driven on an approved trip. If you submit a reimbursement for travel by personal car, please include a Google Map (or a similar web site) printout of your trip that indicates the distance traveled. On the Travel Expense Claim, you will then calculate the reimbursed amount (currently $.54/mile) using the mileage shown on the map.


If you need to drive a vehicle and the mileage exceeds the average cost of airfare, you must justify the additional expense. You can choose to be reimbursed for gas in lieu of airfare at a reduced rate if you chose to drive for personal reasons or convenience.


For multiple driving trips within the county of San Diego that are covered under a blanket T2, you must submit a Monthly Report of Official Mileage by Private Car with your Travel Expense Claim.


Vehicle Rental


Under certain circumstances, you may find it necessary to rent a vehicle. SDSU currently has a contract with Enterprise Car Rental that offers rentals at a significantly reduced rate. If you choose another company, you will be responsible for the difference in cost between the rate you pay and the contract rate with Enterprise . For drop off and pick up within Southern California (south of San Luis Obispo) use this form to reserve a car after obtaining a purchase order number from the GAP in NLS 102B.


The Enterprise contract includes insurance in the daily rate, so the comparison of Enterprise vs other rental companies might show Enterprise slightly higher. SDSU wants our employees to be covered, and Enterprise has lowered our daily rates, enough so that when insurance is included, the cost per vehicle is very competitive. If you rent through another company the additional cost of insurance is NOT a reimbursable expense.



Revised: 10/11/16