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Graduate Students in the Field and Lab

Sean Harrington, Alex Sumarli, and Sam Fellows after a long day of field work in Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge.

Genna Gallas presenting her research at American Society of Plant Biologist's 2013 meeting in Providence, Rhode Island (left)
and in the field collecting plants (right).

Left: Andrew Gottscho collecting specimens of fringe-toed lizards in the coastal dunes of Sonora, Mexico.
Right: Picture of banded rock lizard (Petrosaurus thalassinus) from the Sierra la Laguna, Baja California Sur.

Left: Paul Maier (left) and field assistant Ross Maynard (right) take a break from collecting Yosemite toad tissue
samples to photograph an elusive Mount Lyell salamander. Kings Canyon National Park.
Upper right: The focal species of toad (Anaxyrus canorus), from that location.
Lower right: The salamander they were photographing (Hydromantes platycephalus)

Makenzie Mabry, at the California Academy of Sciences Herbarium (left), collecting in the field (upper right),
and her study plant, the beautiful and remarkable Cryptantha (lower right).

Stephen Rice in Jamul, CA capturing rattlesnakes for his work in landscape genetics.

Lee Ripma collecting Oreocarya (Boraginaceae) in high altitude regions of western North America.

Shannon Walsh helping Luck Klicka in his Bell's Vireos project at Elephant Mountain Wildlife Management Area
in Texas.

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