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Participating Faculty at U.C. Riverside

Kurt Anderson, Associate Professor of Biology
   Quantitative population, community, and applied ecology with an emphasis on modeling spatial dynamics.
 Alan Brelsford, Assistant Professor of Biology 
   Evolutionary Genetics.
 Richard Cardullo, Professor and Chair of Biology 
   Cell and molecular biology, physiology, neuroscience.
 Mark Chappell, Professor of Biology 
   Physiology, evolutionary biology.

Chris Clark, Assistant Professor of Biology
    College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

 Norman Ellstrand, Professor of Botany and Plant Sciences
  Applied plant population genetics, biotechnology risks, evolution of invasiveness,
   conservation genetics
 Daphne Fairbairn, Professor of Biology
   Evolutionary biology, quantitative genetics, sexual selection, sexual dimorphism
   in size and morphology
 Theodore Garland, Jr., Professor of Biology
   Physiology, evolutionary biology, herpetology, behavior.
 Kimberly Hammond, Professor of Biology 
   Physiology, evolutionary biology.
Tim Higham, Associate Professor of Biology
 Nigel Hughes, Professor of Earth Sciences

 Sang-Hee Lee, Associate Professor of Anthropology
 Evolution of human morphological variation based on the fossil record, causal
   mechanisms for the patterns in the human (and ancestral human) fossil record

 Leonard Nunney, Professor of Biology
Population and evolutionary genetics, with an emphasis on the application of
   basic theory to practical problems

Timothy Paine, Professor of Entomology 
   Biology and ecology of introduced insects in urban environments
Richard Redak, Professor of Entomology 
   Plant-insect interactions, conservation biology and community ecology of insects,
   IPM of commercial floricultural and ornamental plants
Helen Regan, Professor of Biology
   Quantitative conservation biology
David Reznick, Professor of Biology
   Evolutionary biology, evolution of life history traits, evolution of aging,
   experimental evolution
Derek Roff, Professor of Biology
   Theoretical and empirical studies of population and quantitative genetics,
   life-history, and the importance of trade-offs in shaping life history evolution
Joel Sachs, Associate Professor of Biology 
   Evolution of cooperation and conflict
Mark Springer, Professor of Biology
   Molecular evolution and systematics, mammalian evolution
Jason Stajich, Associate Professor of Plant Pathology
   Population and evolutionary genomics of fungi
Kirk Visscher, Professor of Entomology
Social behavior and ecology of social insects, role and management of bees
   in agriculture, evolution of social behavior
William Walton, Professor of Entomology. 
   Biogeography of freshwater flora and fauna, trophic interactions of freshwater food
   webs, IPM of vector and pest arthropods