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McClenaghan, Leroy R. Jr.

Ecology - Professor of Biology; Biology Dept., Ph.D., Biology (SEOB, Systematics and Ecology), University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS (1977)


Research Interests: Mammalian ecology; ecological genetics; conservation genetics.

Upper Division and Graduate Courses: Ecology and the Environment (UD), Genetics and Evolution (UD), Seminar in Conservation Genetics (G)

Graduate students: Derek Campbell, Sierra Hayden, Robin Silverstein, Lara Tikkanen, Karen Miner, Shea Valero, Cheryl Brehme, Jennifer Neuwald

Selected Publications:

Truesdale, H.D. and L.R. McClenaghan, Jr. 1998. Population genetic structure of Tecate cypress (Cupressaceae). Southwestern Naturalist 43:363-373.

McClenaghan, L.R., Jr., and E.W. Taylor. 1993. Temporal and spatial patterns of demography in populations of Dipodomys stephensi from Riverside County, California. J. Mammal. 74:636-645 .

McClenaghan, L.R., Jr., J. Berger, and H.D. Truesdale. 1990. Founding Lineages and genic variability in plains (Bison bison) from Badlands National Park, South Dakota. Conserv. Biol. 4:285-289 .

McClenaghan, L.R., Jr., and T. J. O'Shea. 1988. Genetic variability in the Florida manatee (Trichechus manatus). J. Mammal. 69:481- 488.