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Ecology - Professor of Biology. Ph.D., Physiological Plant Ecology (Life Sciences), University of California, Riverside (1970)




Global Change Research Group Web Site: http://www.sci.sdsu.edu/GCRG/]

Research Interests: Plant physiological ecology; ecosystem ecology, effects of global change and elevated carbon dioxide on native ecosystems, especially tundra and Mediterranean-type ecosystems. Regional assessment of impacts of global change.

Upper Division and Graduate Courses: Plant Ecology (UD/G), Terrestrial Ecology Seminar on Global Change (G), Ecology and the Environment (UD), Ecology and human Impacts on the Environment (UD)

Graduate students: Inez Ibanez (Ph.D.), Glen Kinoshita (M.S.), Hyojung Kwon (Ph.D.), Adrienne Marriott (M.S.), Karlis Ogle (M.S.), Cat Stylinski (Ph.D.), Cheng Yufu (Ph.D.), Rommel Zulueta (M.S.)

Selected Publications:

Oechel W.C., Vourlitis G.L., Brooks S., Crawford T.L., Dumas E. Intercomparison among chamber,tower,and aircraft net CO2 and energy fluxes measured during the Artic System Science Land-Atmosphere-Ice Interactions (ARCSS_LAII) Flux Study Journal of Geophysical Research. 1998. 103: 28,993-29,003

Cook A.C, Tissue, D.T, Roberts, S.W., Oechel, W.C. 1998. Effects of long-term elevated [CO2] from natural CO2 springs on Nardus stricta: photosynthesis, biochemistry, growth and phenology. Plant Cell and Environment 21: 417-425.

Roberts, S., Oechel, W.C., Hastings, S.J., Bryant, P. A field fumigation system for elevated carbon dioxide exposure in chaparral vegetation. Functional Ecology 1998 12: 708-719.

Oechel WC, Vourlitis GL, Brooks S, Crawford TL, and Dumas E. Intercomparison between chamber, tower, and aircraft net CO2 exchange and energy fluxes measured during the Arctic Systems Science Land-Atmosphere-Ice-Interactions (ARCSS-LAII) flux study. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 1998 103: 28,993-29,003.

Oechel, W.C., T. Callaghan, H. Elling, T. Gilmanov, J.I. Holten, B. Maxwell, U. Molau, O. Rogne, and B. Sveinbjornsson. 1997. Global Change and Arctic Terrestrial Ecosystems. An International Conference. Springer-Verlag Publishers.

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