The broad application of new transgenic technologies and the accessibility of comparative genomics are opening a new frontier in regenerative biology. This symposium will bring together prominent senior scientists and new investigators in the field of regenerative biology, while creating an engaging atmosphere to exchange ideas and techniques across systems. By encompassing a diversity of established and emerging models of regeneration including hydra, planaria, jellyfish, sea cucumbers, zebrafish, salamanders and mammals, this symposium addresses evolving ideas of how reparative regeneration is regulated in adult animals and why regenerative ability has been lost in many taxa.  Investigating the cellular and molecular features of adult tissue morphogenesis along with the regulation of conserved and divergent genetic programs in diverse systems will lead to a better understanding of how regenerative programs have evolved and how they function.

Confirmed speakers:

Carrie Adler, Shawn Burgess, Karen Echeverri, José García-Arrarás, 
Lea Goentoro, Celina Juliano, Malcolm Maden, James Monaghan, Jennifer Morgan, Ken Muneoka, Nadia Rosenthal, and Ashley Seifert

We hope you will join us for a stimulating discussion on regeneration biology on August 4th and for the 
Society for Developmental Biology 75th Annual Meeting from August 4 - 8th, 2016!

-Karen Echeverri, Ashley Seifert and Ricardo Zayas

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