IBD: Isolation By Distance
v 1.52 (March 18, 2004)

Andrew J. Bohonak
San Diego State University

Please note that this program has been superceded by IBDWS, which has many additional features.

pdf Bohonak, A. J. 2002. IBD (Isolation By Distance): A program for analyses of isolation by distance. Journal of Heredity 93: 153-154.

IBD is a fast and simple application for analyzing (genetic) isolation by (geographic) distance.

This program has been replace by IBDWS (IBD Web Service) at http://ibdws.sdsu.edu/

IBDWS is a web-based version of IBD with bug fixes, downloadable Postscript scatterplots, the ability to process raw DNA data, and an easy to use interface.  PC-based versions of IBD still work very well on the operating systems they were compiled for, but they will no longer be updated with new features.

Final PC-based version of IBD: 1.52 of 18 March 2004

pdf   IBD Manual (pdf format)
PPC   IBD for PPC Macintosh (binhexed, self expanding achive)
sea   IBD for Windows (self expanding achive)

Larger data sets?

The IBD downloads below have a maximum of 500 populations instead of 100 populations (in the standard PC version).  (Memory requirements will be higher.)

  MAX 500 POPULATIONS IBD for PPC Macintosh (binhexed, self expanding achive)
sea   MAX 500 POPULATIONS IBD for Windows (self expanding achive)


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