May 2021 - Publications

EPA faculty Dr. Xiaofeng Xu, JDPE student Liyuan He, and EPA faculty Dr. Chun-Ta Lai work with collaborators to publish on microbial seasonality impacts on soil carbon emission. SDSU news. Fulltext

September 2020 - Award

EPA faculty Dr. Rebecca Lewison awarded the Distinguished Faclty 2020 at SDSU. Congratulations, Becca. SDSU news. Youtube video

September 2018 - Grant

EPA faculty Dr. Rebecca Lewison awarded a Competitive Grant for Climate Change Research in California. SDSU news

May 30 2018

EPA faculty Dr. Rebecca Lewison 's paper in Science Advances introduces a new program helps fishermen avoid protected species in real time. EurekAlert

May 2018 - Publications

Ma L., Liu G., Xu X., Xin X., Bai W., Zhang L., Chen S., Wang R. (2018) Nitrogen acquisition strategies during the winter-spring transitional period are divergent at the species level yet convergent at the ecosystem level in temperate grasslands. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. DOI: Fulltext

May 2018 - Grant

Faculty members Dr.s Rulon and Xu received R & D grants from CSUPERB. News

May 2018 - Publications

Trego, M. L., Hoh, E., Kellar, N. M., Meszaros, S. J., Robbins, M. N., Dodder, N., Whitehead, A., Lewison, R. L. (2018) Comprehensive screening links halogenated organic compounds with testosterone disruption in male Delphinus delphis from the Southern California Bight. Environmental Science & Technology DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.7b04652. Fulltext

May 2018 - Publications

Clatterbuck, C.A., Lewison, R.L., Dodder, N., Zeeman, K., Schiff, K. 2018. Seabirds as regional biomonitors of legacy toxicants on an urbanized coastline. Science of the Total Environment 619-620C, 460-469. Fulltext

May 2018 - Publications

Gaos, A., Lewison, R.L; Jensen, Michael; Liles, Michael; Henriquez, Ana; Chavarria, Sofia; Pacheco, Carlos Mario; Valle, Melissa; Melero, David; et al. 2018. Rookery contributions, movements and conservation needs of hawksbill turtles at foraging grounds in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Marine Ecology Progress Series, Vol. 586: 203–216, 2018 Fulltext

May 2018 - Publications

Abramoff, R., Xu, X., Hartman, M., O'Brien, S., Feng, W.T., Davidson, E.A., Finzi, A., Moorhead, D.L., Schimel, J.P., Torn, M.S., Mayes, M.A. (2018) The millennial model: in search of measurable pools and transformations for modeling soil carbon in the new century. Biogeochemistry 137, 51-71. Fulltext

April 3 2018

Chris Knight and Ric DeSantiago, graduate students in Dr. Jeremy Long's Lab, were awarded Graduate Research Fellowships from the National Science Foundation. Long's Lab

March 19 2018

EPA Ph.D. student Hannes Schraft Named Inamori Fellows, please check it out at: SDSU NewsCenter

March 16 2018

EPA faculty Dr. Rebecca Lewison 's paper in Science suggests reducing worldwide fishing can protect species, please check it out at: SDSU NewsCenter