The Ecology Program Area (EPA) serves both biology and non-biology undergraduate students. Some students may be preparing for medical, dental, veterinary, or other profession schools on graduation. Others are preparing for technician-level, non-ecological jobs that do not require extensive training beyond the bachelor's degree. In addition, a significant group of undergraduate majors plan to enter careers in ecological fields or to pursue graduate studies in ecological fields. For all students, we offer a broad array of introductory and advanced courses in ecology, as well as an opportunity to work on original research topics with individual faculty members through special studies courses. All biology majors are required to take Biology 354, the upper division core course in Ecology and the Environment.

For undergraduate students interested in specializing in ecology, students select elective upper division biology/science courses from a prescribed list which creates a coherent emphasis within the area chosen.The EPA is most involved with undergraduate emphases in Ecology and Marine Biology.

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